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Strangers have the best candy.

Magnet_Dragon is an annoying stalker.

cat legs and a generous helping of slash
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Noctem Aeternus is as evil as a bag full of crazy sexed-up evil love

What makes a Hannah?

I collect crap I don't even know I have. I like music. Blariningly loud music. I love my cat. Chinchillas are awesome. As is cake. And pie. And sweets in general. Rotund is a great word, and it applies. I love sushi, rain and my mom. Anime is cool. As are books. And movies. And music. I think I mentioned music.

I write. You can find my writing journal at mousemind.

I'm easily amused. (Jack from Will and Grace: "omg I must be growing up! I said bone without giggling!" Hannah: "Haha, bone." Jack: "Haha, bone.") This says nothing about my intelligence level, however. I'm a genius. Okay, the technical term is "gifted" but that's like saying someone is "special" when they're really retarded. I like applying the word retarded to idiots, even though I'm sullying the name of real retards. I'm sorry, retards.

Faggot is not a term for a gay man, it's a bundle of sticks. Retard. Also, "gay" is not a word to express your displeasure. Go open your dictionary. Do you see what gay means? Gay means happy. Haha, you are a walking oxymoron! Good job.

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